Recovering from Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Academic Learning Blocks, Developmental Delays, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Mitochondrial Disease
Update On Health


“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”  Philippians 4:13.

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The simple parasite cleanse our Lyme doctor gave us is working!  God is an awesome God!!!  I am Mommy, hear me roar!!

Those parasites are dying.  Jacob has bursts of emotion a couple times a day, but it’s been fine.

Each person is different, and the doctor’s ARTesting is what helped him figure out which blend would work for each of us.  Jacob takes Zorex Parasite Comp.  It comes in a dropper.  Everyone’s dosage and situation is different.  I take Para A.  We started at one drop twice a day in water and go up by a drop each dose every day until we get to 15 drops.  Then continue at 15 drops.  The doctor will test us to find out if we got them all after a couple months.

If you do any sort of cleansing and can’t “go”, try taking magnesium citrate and vitamin C from ascorbic acid.  They help flush you out.


Jacob and I went to see our new Lyme doctor for the first time,  and I’m very pleased with the visit.  He practices Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol and has the process honed in and quite organized.

After testing us he immediately put us both on treatments for parasites, chronic viruses/infection, candida, immune boosters, and babesia.  He explained that even though much of what we were taking was from the protocol, many of them were not necessary for us, at least for now.  The test he did on us showed we required some different formulations of some of the supplements we were on.  I say this because I don’t want you to go out and buy everything on the Klinghardt list before you see a doctor.

The doctor did not tell us to get off of the other supplements we were on that another doctor had put us on.  And some of those were recommended as a result of blood and urine tests that our other doctor did.  The new doctor left that choice up to me.

Jacob’s Lyme test results through Lab Corp were not as conclusive as mine were, so we’re holding off on treating Jacob for the Lyme portion of it for now, which was good because we’re hitting everything else so hard that we need to do things slowly.  My Lyme results with LabCorp were so “compelling” that we’re hitting the cyst form of borrelia (Lyme) in me for now.  Eventually the doctor will help us with the mercury too and go at it harder on the Lyme and whatever else he finds.

Later down the road the doctor would like to see Jacob get tested for the Western Blot through iGenex, so that he can treat him for it if necessary.

Our protocols aren’t exactly the same because our bodies seem to respond differently to certain formulations, but it’s pretty similar.

The doctor did ART testing on us and afterwards Jacob felt perfectly fine.  But while I sat there getting instruction I began herxing.  I itched, got slightly sick to my stomach and got a headache.  It hit me so fast that I asked if he did anything that could have made me herx.  He said it does happen to some people.  I had no idea the testing would make my body react or the bugs react or whatever happened.  Bazaar!


Jacob and I are working on Dr. Klinghardt’s Lyme Disease, mercury flush, parasite protocol, and so far it’s going well.  It’s a process, so we haven’t yet gotten into the most powerful part of it.  Yet, we’re definitely flushing out some toxins daily.  It’s going to take months before we’re on the entire protocol.  We pray for direction and protection during this process.


Jacob has not had foot pain from oxalates in many months!  His immune system still seems to be strong.  And it’s been a couple months since he did his side glancing, meaning he would stare out the sides of his eyes, which helped make him look autistic.  The only things that seem to remain from his long list of autistic symptoms are slight speech trouble and slight ADD, which gets worse when he’s over-stimulated, slight fine motor issues, slight gait issues, and a couple very minor things.

A lot of the things that Jacob’s been doing to balance out his metabolic system are the same things we must start with to fight our Lyme Disease and finish flushing out the metals.  So we’re part way there.


For those of you who are interested, I thought I’d give you an update on our health.  It’s been six months since Jacob graduated from the Brain Balance Achievement Center, yet his developmental improvements continue to be on “fast forward”.  How bazaar!  He’s very much like any other six year old boy and only has a couple noticeable issues that we believe will go away in time.  We’ve been able to expand his diet a little bit.  Hopefully the added supplement we’re doing will bring his glutathione level up.  That’s been pretty rough to do over the years.  But there are some good products out there now.  We’ll see in the next several months if the new one we picked is gonna do the job.

We recently heard that the Guaifenesin I’m on to flush out the phosphates (for my Fibromyalgia) can actually flush out oxalates too.

Last October, Jacob had such a long regression that we were ready to bring him into Brain Balance to do another three month session.  Normally, they test the kids six months, then twelve months after the kids graduate from their program to see where they’re at.  So we had them test Jacob after four months.  Not only did he not need another session, but he had improved, since his last test.  But they suggested we give him more proteins with his breakfast, which helped slightly.  They had us put him back on amino acids, which helped a lot, and suggested I change our schooling around to be more for right brain learning.  So I went out and got several more math manipulatives and changed my approach.  And we work heavily on inferences and main idea now, which I think has developed his brain more.  I thought that since Jacob is so left brain and does quite well with math and language arts, I thought he didn’t need right brain lessons much.  I already taught that way  somewhat to keep it interesting and fun, but I thought doing it anymore than I already did was for artistic type learners.  But it’s helped with his focus.  I was also put on a conference call with another mom who opened her own Brain Balance center, and she said that her son had a horrible and long regression right before a big jump in improvement.  And that’s exactly what happened to Jacob.  His focus got much better, and he talks a little faster now.  Woohoo!

Stephanie is doing quite well and her development continues to be normal.  She’s quite advanced in some ways.  Although we’re working on inhibiting her primitive reflexes now.  Hopefully that’ll heal her minor sensory issues.  She got hives the other day, which I think must have been from the seasonings in someone’s homemade dressing.  But they don’t itch, so we’re just waiting them out.  She wasn’t really fond of the oatmeal bath I gave her for it.  hehehe!  Even though she’s gluten, dairy and egg free, she can have most other foods.  We do have to be very careful with them, however.  And she does seem to get toxic easily.  But she’s fine and happy.

Jacob and I are not currently on the Lyme protocol, but we’ll be getting back on it soon.  I’ve updated my Lyme page with an additional protocol we’ll be getting on.  (Click here to read about it.)  Jacob’s nutritionist connected me with a lady (from another city) whose son has autism, she and her son have Lyme disease and they both have foot pain from oxalates.  Like me, she’s also into doing a lot of research to fight this stuff and won’t give up.  We have a lot in common and both know the lingo.  We’re working towards doing the Lyme protocol together.

Jacob’s DAN! doctor was impressed with how different Jacob is now.  It had been a long time,  since he’d seen him.  The doctor asked me to do an “inservice” and speak to him, his staff and nutritionist about what I’ve learned and how Jacob recovered.  So after I internally freaked out wondering what I had just gotten myself into by saying, “yes”, I prayed and my husband taught me how to use Power Point.  I put together a presentation asking the doctor to focus more on checking for Lyme with his Autistic (and Fibromyalgia) patients and to see the Autistic patients who have metabolic imbalances as having a brain delay that can be fixed through the Hemispheric Integration Therapy, if just the biochemistry hasn’t been completely successful.

As for me, I’ve been able to tolerate chocolate lately, so I’ve gone overboard since Christmas.  I wish I hadn’t done that; I knew better.  🙂  So my yeast issues have gotten out of control, which has made me feel pretty miserable.  My Osteopenia has gotten even worse, so I’m now doing weight bearing exercises.  Blah!!  I’m way too young to have gotten this.  I’m still staying a step ahead of my Lyme, but some days I feel like I’m losing the battle.  Otherwise, we’ve been pretty encouraged lately and enjoying our kiddos.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for us and who have asked about our status.  No matter what it is, God is there to walk us through this life with us, when we ask Him.

May the God of peace walk you through your daily burdens and your tough trials, giving you the knowledge that He loves you and wants to draw you closer to Him as He glorifies Himself.

In Christ’s love,


March 2, 2013

So it’s been a long time since I’ve given you an update.  There’s no excuse really.


We went through a protocol that lasted about eight months.  And I’ve given you all our list of supplements we used on my Lyme Disease, Mercury… page.

June 24, 2013

So, during the Lyme protocol, we felt like Jacob had regressed in some areas of behavior, such as OCDs, etc.  Last month we found out that his yeast and oxalates had skyrocketed.  What his DAN! doctor thought might have happened was that the antibiotics Jacob was on caused the yeast to go up, even though we had him on his normal supplements to keep yeast down.  Apparently, it wasn’t enough.  So we kept him on MCT Liquid and added caprylic acid and made sure we went back to giving them to him on an empty stomach.  He had some slight dye off symptoms for maybe a week, which I think was just sort of a “vibrating in his brain” he said.  But he said each time was quick and not a big deal.  It took care of the extra strange behavior.  Normally, you would recognize high yeast as drunk-like behavior.  But we didn’t see outbursts of laughter, so we were naive in what we were seeing.  Anyway, the high yeast made his oxalates go up.  But I’m sure the Guaifennesin has brought the oxalates down again.

SOMETHING the DAN! doctor told us is that since Guaifennesin flushes out locked in phosphates, you need to replenish it with a phosphorous supplement, so that his bones will stay strong.  Blah!  So I guess the Guaifennesin must be helping the phosphates to process correctly.??

Things are looking good and he is still very happy and enjoying a normal life.  Praise Jesus!


I think I owe it to my readers to tell you about my family and immunizations.  My niece and nephew were immunized.  My nephew now has non-verbal autism and my niece died two weeks after her four month shots, which was this past December.  Right after the shots, she began a strange breathy cough that never went away, then died in her sleep two weeks later.  Of course, I don’t know if my nephew would have become autistic, if he had not been immunized.  But the situation with my niece is quite apparent as to the cause of her death.


Jacob is living a normal life.  To God be the glory!  He has many friends who seek him out to play with him.  No one would ever know he had been diagnosed in the past with autism.  Hallelujah!