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Fibromyalgia and Autism


It seems as though there is sometimes a connection between Autism and Fibromyalgia.  The Defeat Autism Now! organization and others recognize this connection.

I have Fibromyalgia, and all my children show signs of it.  Fibromyalgia causes chronic fatigue and muscle and joint pain, among other issues.  Typically, a Fibromyalgia patient cannot flush out phosphates that are naturally in foods and that are added into processed foods as a preservative.  These phosphates simply build up in the system and cause pain, inflammation, etc.

One issue that both conditions have in common is that the patient is unable to flush out all the toxins he or she is exposed to.  The metabolic system is out of sorts.

When I was finally convinced of what they were saying about phosphates and Fibromyalgia, it was when I had a huge piece of store bought pie that was packed full of phosphates.  The ingredients had phosphates toward the top of the list.  The next day I could barely move because I was in so much pain and locked up.  Not having any clue as to the connection, I ate another huge piece.  The next day I was in tears and couldn’t play with my kids.  Then it hit me; I looked at the ingredients of that pie and knew what I had done.

Half of my muscle and joint pain went away after getting on Guaifenesin.  Although, everyone is different.  It can take days, weeks, months, even a year or more to truly feel better.  The length of time to heal and how painful it is to flush out the phosphates depends on how much of a build up you have and how well you take care of yourself now.

You can find Guaifenesin in Mucinex.  There is a long acting one that only has Guaifenesin in it and no other ingredients, except for the dye to make the pill look pretty.  However, I get a prescription instead because I’m allergic to dyes.  Another great thing about Guaifenesin is that since I’ve been taking it, I barely notice my seasonal allergies.

The other thing that was causing the same type of pain was my allergy to all dairy products.  Getting off that, after being tested for an allergy, helped tremendously.  I had no idea that dairy or any other food allergy could actually cause muscle pain.

The following website is a great source of information on Fibromyalgia.  If the protocol seems overwhelming, just know it’s not at all complicated.  Once I got over the initial news of changes that needed to be made, I realized it was much easier than I thought.

With all that said, please also see my page about Lyme Disease And mercury toxicity.  These problems cause muscle and joint pain and negative reactions to food.