Recovering from Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Academic Learning Blocks, Developmental Delays, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Mitochondrial Disease
Lyme Disease, Mercury, Autism, Fibromyalgia, And Parasites


On this page I’ll explain how we found out we have Lyme, how to find out if you have it or your child has it, the protocol we’re on, and other helpful websites.

March 3, 2013 – I’d like to begin this page to say that Jacob and I are now Lyme Disease free as of January, 2013!  Praise God!

First I’ll give you the list of Jacob’s supplements and medications for his protocol to kill these things.  And if I can find the list of supplements that we used on me, I’ll give that one to you too.  But I can’t seem to find them.   Just a reminder, I am not a doctor.  I am just giving you the list of what our doctor gave us, and it would be best if you give this list to your doctor, so that he or she can oversee your health course.

We had Microbes:  Bartonella, Borellia and Babesia.  We did not have Ehrlichia

So in April, 2012, our doctor that pretty much goes by Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt’s protocol/methods for Lyme Disease, toxic metals, yeast, parasites, leaky gut, chronic virus, etc. began Jacob on a number of supplements.  Jacob was almost seven years old at the time.  Changes were made to the protocol every two months.  (Some of the following verbiage is from our doctor, but it is not verbatum.)  The supplements and medications were:


VIRAGAPHIS – For stored up viruses – One tablet twice daily until the bottle is empty.

ENGYSTOL – (2 bottles) For stored up viruses – One tablet (dissolved under the tongue) three times daily until the 2 bottles are empty.  Can cause the virus(es) to resurface and make you sick, but that’s a good sign because your immune system is finally able to recognize it’s there and fight it.

SF 722 – Anti-fungal for yeast (I can’t remember if it was for throughout the body or just the gut, but I think it was throughout the body – Three pills twice daily with meals (6 pills total per day) until the bottle is finished.  (We poked a hole with a safety pin in the end of these gel caps and squeezed into baby fruit.)

NYSTATIN – AFTER ONE MONTH OF BEING ON THE SF 722 BEGIN NYSTATIN AND FINISH THE SF 722.  I can’t remember the dosage of Nystatin because it’s a prescription and was not on the same list.  But Jacob never used it because he and Stephanie got really sick, after going away to a cabin.  Then the doctor said his yeast was gone.

SAMENTO – For Lyme bugs.  If treatment is already underway, it’s usually possible to increase more quickly or even start at the full dose.  So start with one drop in a few ounces of water morning and night and increase by one drop per dose per day until you reach 15 drops 2x/day.  (We put it in baby fruit that comes in a jar instead).  DON’T BE OUT OF THIS ONE FOR MORE THAN A WEEK because the bugs tend to morph or something.  I can’t remember what the doctor said.  It’s can tend to cause herxheimer reactions, which is bug die off, and is a good thing because that means it’s working.  Our reaction wasn’t too bad, and it stops after days or weeks.  This is something you’ll most likely stick with throughout the protocol.  I may have had to order some more before our next appointment two months later, in order to not run out too soon.  I can’t remember. 

NONI – For Lyme bugs – The dosage is the same as Samento and is pretty much all the same information, but we only had to take this one for a few months, I think.  We both had to take both of them because their purpose is not exactly the same.

ARTEMISININFor Babesia – 2 scoops in the am and 2 scoops in the pm 4 days on and 3 days off until finished.  Best on an empty stomach with a few ounces of juice.  (Again, we put it in baby fruit instead.)  I suggest putting it on a calendar or setting an alarm in your phone, so you know when to stop and start.  It tastes really bad.  You don’t want to take more than you have to, but it does the job.  By the way, mine was the pill form, which had to be refrigerated, and still tasted badly.  Much of my protocol was similar to Jacob’s.  Although, the Artemisinin may have been a higher dose.  I can’t remember.

MUNDIPUR – Homeopathic drainage remedy for chronic infection, when more aggressive detox interventions can cause more harm than good.  One teaspoon twice daily until finished.

APO-HEPAT – 2 bottlesTo manage toxicity draining from the liver as all this junk is flushing through your system both exogenous and what is a result of chronic infections.  One half teaspoon in a few ounces of water taken twice daily.  Best taken on an empty stomach.

PARASITE COMP – For a wide variety of parasites – Two droppers in water twice daily.  One dropper is not completely full.  One dropper is the amount you can remove by inserting an empty dropper into the bottle and releasing the bulb-about half the volume of the glass cylinder.)  (We only put it in about an ounce of water.)  Take on an empty stomach, but can be taken with food, if it upsets your stomach.  The bottle should last about three weeks.  People usually need one to two bottles.  Sometimes after two bottles, the patient needs to follow it by a large dose of an anti-parasitic pharmaceutical (prescription).  Symptoms and ART (Klinghardt’s form of muscle testing) seem to be the best and are often the only way to know when treatment is complete.  My understaning is that muscle testing is becoming accepted in traditional medicine and the use of devices or machines are becoming wide spread.  ART testing is performed without a device or machine and proved to be right on with out entire protocol and brought on great success.



SAMENTO – 2 bottles – Same dosage as before

NONI – 2 bottles – Same dosage as before- He did for two months

APO-HEPAT – Same dosage as before for two months – I think it was two bottles this time

ENGYSTOL – Finish the bottle you already have – same dosage

Azithromycin prescription – For bacteria – For two months.  I don’t remember the dosage; It was on a separate form.



SAMENTO – 2 bottles – Same dosage as before (Take for two months.)

APO-HEPAT – 2 bottles – Same dosage as before (Take for two months.)

BOLUOKE – 1 bottle – Two times daily on an empty stomach – I think this was a pill and he only took one pill two times per day.  Enzyme extract for the cystic form of borrelia, which usually happens as you are successfully fighting them.  They morph into an immobile form that is iteself embedded in a biofilm.

TINDAMAX PRESCRIPTION -Not sure of the dosage.  Begin this one week after starting the three above.  But here’s the catch.  You must go get a blood test done, I think ?10-14 days, after starting this.  I believe it was a basic CBC test to check the liver health because Tindamax can be hard on it.  Jacob and I had no problems with it.  But your doctor may also need to know if you have liver issues, before you even begin the protocol too, I’m assuming.  Once you’re on Tindamax for 6 to 8 weeks to get Borellia to finally die, a sign is a worsening of Babesia symptoms.  The reason why is because Borellia tends to supress the symptoms of Babesia.  Once the Borellia is gone, Babesia goes wild.  Jacob did not have any problems with this.  I did, however.  But it was managable.  I had many of the symptoms that Babesia can cause, most of which I had for years anyway……just at a higher level of intensity.  But it didn’t last.  And it was well worth the fight.



ARTEMISININ – 2 bottles – One half teaspoon twice daily for 3 days on, 4 days off

A-BAB – 2 bottles – For Babesia – 15 drops twice daily – Has a goood knock-out punch for the bugs.  If you Herx at that dose, you can always back off and work up to that dose.

MIMOSA PUDICA – 2 bottles – For Babesia – 3 pills twice daily for Babesia

RENELIX – 2 bottles – For toxicity – One half teaspoon in a few ounces of water taken twice daily.  Best on an empty stomach.  It is to facilitate the drainage of toxins from the kidneys.

SAMENTO – 7 DROPS TWO TIMES PER DAY – Just in case some of the Borellia are hiding in there, while you’re trying to finish off the Babesia.

We continued giving Jacob MCT Liquid because even though the muscle testing showed he no longer had a yeast overload, we thought we saw a difference in him when we took him off the MCT.  We also continued other things we had been doing for years, such as probiotics (at least 2-4 hours separate from antibiotics).  Essential GSH (a liquid for glutathione), Cod Liver Oil, vitamins and minerals that we had compounded, and Amino Acids.

For us this was the last round.  And it can take a while for your immune system to figure out that it’s healthy again.  The average person takes eight or ten months.  I can’t remember.  Jacob and I took eight months because we were no longer as toxic as the average patient with our health issues.  We had been working on Jacob’s yeast and gut, etc. for years.  And I did a little of Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol on my own for two months, before I realized I had better go through a doctor who knew how to protect my liver and kidneys.  My kidneys had been really hurting, before we went.

By the time Jacob went to this doctor for the first time, this doctor said his toxic metals were low and nothing to worry about.  We did not do a urine test through him.  It was the ART (muscle) testing that brought him to that conclusion.

The first three visits the doctor said that my metals were high.  but we weren’t going to deal with that, until we were done with all the other stuff.  By our fourth visit he said my metals were low or non-existant.  They weren’t anything to worry about.  On the fifth visit he said the same thing.  I got so sick of being sick, that before that fourth visit I had my kiddos lay hands on me and pray for healing and we did the same thing for Jacob.  So God chelated my metals out miraculously and continued to guide us all in getting the rest of my issues taken care of.  The metals were really the only thing I had faith for at the moment because I had in my head that I would continue to go to the doctor for what he was currently doing, until we saw results.  So when the doctor tested me, he didn’t know why the metals were showing to no longer being a problem. I told the doctor that we had prayed.  hehehe  Fun!!

During this protocol, Jacob went about six months or so with no foot pain and no “seizures” or whatever they are.  We continued to expand his diet, but I think that over time, the oxalates built up anyway.  And we never did get him on the Guifenesin for oxalates because we were alreay adding so many more supplements.  But at least it took months, rather than hours or days for oxalates to build up.

As of the beginning of March, 2013, we still have to be careful with oxalates a bit.  It shows in his behavior, his focus, foot pain and “seizures”.  We are just sure now that the oxalates cause these night “seizures”.  We also have NOT been good about getting rid of the final four primitive reflexes that were still slightly lingering last summer, per Brain Balance.  I believe that will fix the ADHD, fine motor and slightly slow speech.


For starters, I’ll say the best thing to do is to find a doctor who uses Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol at  That doctor will want you to get tested for Lyme before they officially treat you for it, but can treat you for other issues, such as parasites, viruses, Babesia, mercury, etc. immediately, if necessary and if they choose to go that route first.  The best way to test for Lyme is through iGenex.  If there’s not a doctor near you who practices Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol, then find one who successfully treats Lyme and mercury. If you choose to treat yourself using the protocol, know that NOT everything on the protocol will be necessary or right for your body.  So using ART or another form of muscle testing would be a good and less expensive route. My son and I both have chronic Lyme Disease, mercury, other neurotoxins, “under detected” viruses, chronic infections, and parasites.In addition, I also have Fibromyalgia.  Often times Lyme has some of the same symptoms as with Fibro, so the overlap causes even more confusion when it comes to obtaining an accurate diagnosis.  And some say that Lyme Disease causes Fibromyalgia, which I believe to be the most likely.  Like countless other people, I have such a myriad of symptoms that in the past I felt like I was falling apart.  I’ve been tested for MS, Lupus, Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, Arthritis, and others.  I have neurological problems, lung problems, heart problems, Spasmodic Dysphonia, muscle pain, muscle spasms, Chronic Fatigue, brain fog, tinnitus, a constant buzzing throughout my body, an internal pressure in my torso that worsens when I’m around a lot of electronics, and several other symptoms.  (Some of the brain fog is due to the fact that the favorite place for the Lyme bacteria to live is in the head, and that’s one of the places that mercury settles!)

Many Autistic children are said to have low immune systems.  So viruses, parasites and bacteria (microbes) end up staying in the body, overloading the immune system and causing a downward spiral effect.  They often have Lyme and its co-infections.  Yes, there are some false positives, but unfortunately, there are many, many more false negatives.  And, unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) didn’t include the specific markers in their criteria for a positive Western blot that would be present in late-stage Lyme.  Most labs use a test that is based on only one strain of Borrelia Burgdorferi, when there are actually hundreds of strains.

I may have gotten Lyme when I was a teenager visiting my dad in Tennessee.  There were ticks all over the place on their property.  Lyme can lay dormant for many, many years.  And you don’t have to have a bulls-eye rash to be infected.  You can also be bitten by a small tick called a nymph.  It can bite you and fall off completely unnoticed.

Jacob and I were tested for Lyme through LabCorp.  However, that is not always the most accurate route.  LabCorp diagnosed me as having Lyme, but the CDC’s guidelines said those test results proved negative.  So I’m including a link to help you read your test results.  Therefore, even if LabCorp, another lab or the CDC says you have a negative test result, you’ll be able to figure out the results yourself and find out the truth.  Jacob’s test did not come out positive, but both our Lyme doctor and our metabolic doctor believe he has it.

One of the reasons it’s so tough to get a positive result, if you do indeed have Lyme, is because the bacteria, borrelia burgdorferi, that causes Lyme tends to hide in the immune system.

Probably the best lab to use is IGenex.  They are THE lab that does testing for Lyme and its co-infections.  They take insurance, by the way.  If you plan to use them, call for guidance on exactly which test(s) to do.  Let them know where you live now and where you have lived in the past and how long you think you’ve had symptoms.  IGenex’s website is:  Their phone # is 800-832-3200.

Dr. Klinghardt, a Lyme/Autism specialist, says you can get Lyme from any blood sucking insect, not just from ticks.  You can even get it from horse flies, bed bugs, fleas, and mosquitoes.  It can be sexually transmitted.  The bacteria (and the co-infections) can pass through the placenta and infect unborn babies.  He also says that mercury toxicity is the core issue with Autism, developmental delays, chronic illness, and countless other health conditions.

The mercury in immunizations are in their most toxic form, which are methylmercury and phenylmercury.

If you have issues with seizures, Hashimoto’s, thyroid, ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, or basically any medical condition under the sun, please consider testing for mercury toxicity.

We tried Salt/C first:

After I was on antibiotics for a few weeks, which was unsuccessful, Jacob and I both got on a natural protocol called, SALT/C.  It consists of sea salt, Ester C, which is high vitamin C and bioflavonoids, and a few other supplements to help support the system, while on the protocol.

Before I got on the Salt/C, I had my doctor write up a lab request to test my electrolytes, so that he has a baseline to go by, just in case I get dehydrated.  Although, it really isn’t that much salt, compared to what people used to eat hundreds of years ago.  For me, the way I had my electrolytes tested was to do a blood screening called “Complete Metabolic Panel”.  It tests for other things, and for us it was less expensive than just testing the electrolytes by themselves.

This protocol was killing parasites for several weeks, but that was it.  It wasn’t touching anything else that I know of.

Now we’re on Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol, but I know there are other successful treatments out there.  Please see my Update On Health page to find out how we’re doing with that.

Details about our protocol and more:

Dr. Klinghardt has suffered from Lyme and sees the connection between Autism, Lyme and metal toxicity, including mercury.  It seems that his method is the way to go.  He’s had many people use his protocol and cause the Lyme to go dormant in people with chronic Lyme.  They say that if you’ve had it for a long time, you never truly get rid of it, but you can kill a lot of the bacteria and heal your immune system.  Apparently, it’s not really the bacteria that makes us sick, it’s the toxins that they secrete that affect our immune system.  And it can be the viruses and parasites that are truly affecting our health and the toxic metals, namely mercury, that we haven’t been able to flush out that messes us up so much.

Although I don’t support some of the spiritual methods that Dr. Klinghardt touches on in his therapies, he most certainly understands biochemistry and how to bring it back into balance, which is how God created it to be.

Below are various websites for Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol and other helpful information from him.  You can also find a doctor nearest you who is familiar with his protocol by contacting them from his site.

147 Page Protocol – This protocol is always evolving, so please check Dr. Klinghardt’s website for up to date information.  Again, not everything on the protocol will be necessary or right for your body.  So using ART or another form of muscle testing would be the best and least expensive route.

Detoxing Fundamentals – 1 of 12 Videos – You can turn on English Subtitles:

A bit older presentation given by Dr. Klinghardt:

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Klinghardt Academy – (You can contact them to find a Lyme literate doctor who is familiar with Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol.)

­Lyme Treatment – (Has information about yeast, etc.)

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According to Dr. Schaller, if a person has one “fingerprint band,” the person has Lyme disease. And he says the “fingerprint bands” are 18, 23, 25, 31, 34, 39, 83, and 93.  Although I’ve seen a couple more bands in that list by other “Lyme Experts”.

You can get more information about what the bands mean at this link: And for a good overview of the various tests, go to this link:

Please read this letter written by a Lyme Disease expert:

“Understanding The Western Blot” by Dr. Charles Ray Jones

NOTE:  IF YOU ARE MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT, NOTE THAT ORAL MAGNESIUM FEEDS THE LYME SPIROCHETES, BUT MAGNESIUM IS NEEDED.  It’s actually best to be given transdermal or via injection.  But not absolutely necessary.




You can buy the coffee on this site and under their “Faqs” page you’ll find directions on how to prepare a coffee enema.


Please note that sometimes the LLMD’s are not as supportive and ready to diagnose as you might think, so I’ve read.



This is an evolving site.  If you choose to save this page or site as a PDF file, and plan to pass on the information, please pass on the web address, rather than forwarding the file.  And please do pass it on.  We need to spread the word.  Thank you so much.