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IF you plan to vaccinate your child, there are several safety guidelines you should follow.  Here are some of them:

Please do not immunize before 6 months of age; however, really they say you shouldn’t do it before the blood brain barrier develops, so that the poisons that accompany the vaccine don’t pass into the brain.  This takes years.  There are varying opinions as to how long it actually takes to be complete.

Always do only ONE SHOT AT A TIME.  Do NOT do an MMR.  If you think you must do them, do them separately.  If your doctor won’t order them separately, go to a different doctor.  A “DAN” doctor can help or at least direct you to someone they recommend.

Only do the most important immunizations.  When we were kids, we didn’t get shots for everything under the sun.  And we only do more harm by injecting some of this stuff into our children/babies.  A diet full of vegetables and fruits protects us from a lot of diseases out there.

Do not take the injection for your baby or yourself, if you are pregnant.

Do not get a shot that has thimerosal in it, or whatever name they’ve come up with to replace it or any other metal they might use to preserve the product.

You CAN ask for and have the right to see the insert from the inside of the immunization package that lists the ingredients.  I’ve looked at them myself.

Try to find a doctor that will do the shots without any preservatives.  They may or may not charge you extra for the shot, depending on how often they immunize patients.  If they only buy the product special for you, it may cost you.  But it in the end, it’s less expensive than all the cost to flush the metals out later.

Legally, they can say a product is Thimerosal free, if it is a minute amount.  But that minute amount is multiple times more than what is illegal to allow in our tap water.  Get a doctor you can trust.  And take some cilantro/coriander before and after a shot.

Please don’t give children acetaminophen (Tylenol and such).  Especially when getting a shot, even though they say it will help with fever and discomfort.  Many of the shots DO have Thimerosal (mercury) in them.  Ask the doctor for the “insert” of their product.  (The information on the inside of the box.)  You can see exactly which item they are using and find that exact one on the insert.  The same company often makes more than one product, showing that the doctor’s office can buy it with or without Thimerosal.  The insert should tell you whether or not it has Thimerosal in it.  Although, you might want to research in advance to see if they’ve come up with some new names for this poison first.

Acetaminophen lowers the natural Glutathione that we have.  One of the several great things glutathione does is flush out toxic metals and is especially good at flushing out MERCURY.  When you give a child a shot with Thimerosal in it, and you give them acetaminophen, you lower their body’s ability to flush out the mercury they just received.

Incidentally, mercury is not the only horrible thing that is put into our shots, but you can research that. Unless you get a flu mist, you are definately getting mercury. Kali Iodatum is a great and natural fever reducer.  It’s in a Cold and Mucus Relief from Similasan.  But I’m sure you can find it in something else.  Essential oils are great too.  Young Living brand is one of only two that do not do damage to the oil in processing, and therefore you can take it internally. High Fructose Corn Syrup has mercury in it.  This is in just about every food out there now, even much of our bread.  Not just our candy. For those of you who say the government says they no longer use Thimerosal in vaccines, since 2001, see what CDC says on their website.  They conveniently hide the truth, so you have to look for it.  And my oldest daughter asked her county doctor’s office to only give her son the immunizations that contained no Thimerosal, and they said they did not have that product.  This was years After 2001. reads:

Is thimerosal being used in other vaccines? explains that since 2001, no new vaccine licensed by FDA for use in children has contained thimerosal as a preservative, and all vaccines routinely recommended by CDC for children younger than 6 years of age have been thimerosal-free, or contain only trace amounts of thimerosal, except for some formulations of influenza vaccine. The most recent and rigorous scientific research does not support the argument that thimerosal-containing vaccines are harmful. CDC and FDA continually evaluate new scientific information about the safety of vaccines.


Unfortunately, that trace amount of mercury in a single dose shot is said to be TEN times the amount at which mercury is considered hazardous waste and a hundred times the amount that is allowed in drinking water. When Jacob was really being affected by the mercury at four years old, he would stand with his pants halfway down, urinating on the living room floor, and have no idea that he was doing any of that.  When we would get him back on the DMPS to flush it out, he would stop urinating everywhere.  When we took him off, there he would stand Again, having no idea he had started going. By the way, even if you request with a signature to not have your newborn receive the Hepatitus B shot, which is VERY WISE to not get, they may still give the baby the shot anyway.  Especially if your child stays longer than the usual one or two nights.  This happened to my grandson.  They did not ask permission to ignore the signed document to deny the shot. It is not a good idea to immunize an infant before 6 months of age.  But IF you are going to immunize, it is best to wait a couple years for the blood brain barrier to develop.  But at least wait for six months.  Then when you do start, please only do ONE shot at a time and wait three months for the next one.  And never use the combination MMR.  Not a good idea to mix those.  And you don’t need all the recommended immunizations.  We didn’t get very many when were kids.  Don’t let them scare you into getting everything out there.  In many cases, the booster shots are worthless and often harmful.  Often times, the child did not need all of the boosters, their particular body only needed the one shot, otherwise they have too much sitting in their system.  And teenagers can develop brain damage as a direct result of getting their boosters. The Tetanus shot can be done without mercury (preservative).  Some doctors are willing to spend the extra money on single dose Tetanus, and others, which would not require to be preserved.  I suggest finding one of those doctors.

There is more to a safer vaccine schedule, but there are so many varying opinions out there as to which vaccines should be done first.  I’ll have to leave that up to you, if in fact you do decide to vaccinate.

Many blessings to you!