Recovering from Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Academic Learning Blocks, Developmental Delays, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Mitochondrial Disease



I would do the following for Jacob and save us a whole lot of time and headache.  I may or may not do these things in the order I listed.  But first I’ll give you a quick summary of what’s important, in my opinion, based on years of experience with Jacob and research:

We would get rid of the mercury and other heavy metals, heal the gut lining, kill the Lyme, parasites, yeast and stored up viruses, and any other bad bugs in there….all those bugs will reveal themselves more, as you begin to remove the metals, so watch out. We would flush out the arsenic and continue to keep control of the yeast. We would then do the infantile (primitive) reflex exercises and put him through Hemispheric Integration Therapy, in our case through Brain Balance Achievement Center. Here’s the details:

1st – I would still go to the DAN doctor.  (Autism doctor) and keep him/her as an overseer for medical treatments.

2nd – Put him on a low phenol diet and give him the pill “No-Fenol” each day, until we got things under control.

3rd – Test him for heavy metals through

4th – Find our Lyme doctor, who pretty much follows Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt’s protocol

5th – Test him for Lyme Disease through

6th- Somewhere in there I would put him on a gluten and dairy free diet AFTER testing him for peptides, through, I think it was Great Plains Laboratory.

7th – Put him on a low oxalate diet

8th- Put him on Guifennisin and extra magnesium to flush out the oxalates and phosphates to stop the siezures.  And DISODIUM PHOSPHATE to replace the phosphorus, so his bones don’t get weak.  I don’t understand that logic or science, but it works.  He has hardly had any siezures, since we put him on the Guifennisin years ago.  Please never mix Aspirin with Guifennisin, and please never give children or teens aspirin anyway, EVEN the stuff that says Baby Aspirin.  It’s very dangerous.  They can develop Reye’s Syndrome.  I wouldn’t even take the chance.

9th – Put him on Cilantro by BioPure (10 drops per day) for two months, on and off for a week at a time, along with C.V.E. (Chlorella VULGARIS) from BioPure (2 caps per day for two months, on and off for a week at a time, along with Caprylic Acid and MCT Liquid the entire time and and continue those two past the detox.  Then after that two months put him on “MercOut”, which is DMPS or some other brand, doing one cap per day for a week on and a week off, for two months, along with R-Lipoic Acid the whole time, while on the MercOut, even during that week.  There may be other important supplements that would be best to combine with the MercOut.  YOU MUST GET THE TOXIC METALS OUT OF THE BODY, BEFORE USING A PRODUCT LIKE DMPS OR DMSA THAT VIRTUALLY CROSSES THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.  THE REASON WHY THAT IS, IS BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE HOLD OF THE METALS IN THE BODY WITH A PRODUCT, THEN GO INTO THE BRAIN WITH IT AND POSSIBLY LEAVE DEPOSITS OF WHAT WAS IN THE BODY INTO THE BRAIN.  GET IT OUT OF THE BODY FIRST, THEN TREAT THE BRAIN.  ALSO, AS SOON AS YOU BEGIN TO REMOVE THE METALS, THE UNDERLYING BUGS, SUCH AS LYME, PARASITES, YEAST, VIRUSES AND ANYTHING ELSE WILL SURFACE.  SO WATCH FOR THESE AND TREAT THEM AS YOU GO.  ALSO TREAT FOR ARSENIC.

10th – Put him on Essential GSH by Essential Nutraceuticals well after detoxing, maybe indefinately

11th – Put him on Young Living Essential Oils – Vetiver, Sacred Frankincense, Lemon, Pepermint, Brain Power, Cedarwood (Young Living because it’s completely pure and whole, and you cannot be allergic to it because of the way it’s processed.)  And any other of their oils that would be good for symptoms.

12th – Put him on two bottles of ParaComp to get rid of parasites and do a YEAST protocol.

13th – Begin the Reflex Exercises to inhibit infantile (primitive) reflexes

14th – Put him through Brain Balance Center, only after removing the metals and Lyme and other bugs.

15th – Test for any swelling spots on the brain – I can’t think of that neurological test that takes shadow-like pictures of the brain.  Maybe I’m thinking of Neurofeedback.  We haven’t done that one, but I know of someone who was surprised to find out their young ADHD daughter had swelled areas.  And the essential oils made it go down.

16th – Once the metals are out is when I would start him on Lyme treatment because the heavy metals tend to trap the Lyme, and it’s tough to get it all out, otherwise.

17th – I would also have put him on natural oils, like flaxseed, olive, coconut, avacado, etc. early on.

18th – Put him on alkaline foods early on.

19th – We may not have vaccinated at all.  If we did, it would have only been a couple of them and certainly would NOT have done the flu shot.

20th – Start him on probiotics and a natural gut lining healing immediately.

21th – Hymalayan Sea Salt protocol for a couple weeks for larger sized parasites.

22nd – Put him on organ /cleanse support several times, during treatments for short periods of time.

There are other wonderful methods out there that I think are great to combine with this, such as audio frequency therapy to kill the bugs, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.