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Yeast and Oxalates


Most children on the spectrum seem to have an issue with yeast overgrowth, AKA fungal overgrowth.  This must be taken care of, as it throws the entire system off.  It also causes the body to hold on to oxalates, which can create strange behavior, focus issues, stress, anger, pain and more, due to several new chemical imbalances.  In my son’s case, it was the cause of his strange night “seizures too”. 

We’ve mostly used natural supplements to kill the yeast, but have also used a prescription.  Some doctors prescribe Nystatin or Diflucan or something, if necessary.  But you can start with caprylic acid, MCT, garlic, uva ursi, apple cider vinegar, oregano, and others.  This list is from our Nutritionist.  You can rotate these yeast remedies. 

It’s important to give these anti-fungals on an empty stomach, as it increases potency. 

When you hit the fungals hard, it can still take several months to get it out of the system.  Remember, whenever you kill these, or any other type of bug, there is a die off effect, so be prepared for the behaviors to worsen, before they get better.  This is happening, even if you don’t see the symptoms.  It’s a good idea to do some things to flush out these toxins.  Soaking in Epsom Salt has worked great for Jacob.  But there are other things you can do.

Some suggest Charcoal capsules.  BUT I have an issue with that.  A toxic genetic test may show that charcoal is not a good idea for your child.  Also, if you do go with charcoal, it must be given away from minerals because it flushes them out.  Jacob couldn’t have charcoal when he would take his vitamins with magnesium because it sent it right out of his body without it having a chance to absorb.  Then he got foot pain again.

So yeast overgrowth is not okay.  No matter what a doctor may tell you.

In Christ’s love,