Recovering from Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Academic Learning Blocks, Developmental Delays, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Mitochondrial Disease
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Our son, Jacob, was diagnosed by a Neurologist as having High Functioning Autism and Hyperkinesis.  He was diagnosed by a development center as having Sensory Processing/Integration Disorder, Fine and Gross Motor Delays, Expressive Language Disorder and Echolalia.   He was also diagnosed by a Defeat Autism Now! doctor (DAN!) as having metabolic imbalances, metal toxicity, immune deficiency, malabsorption, yeast overgrowth, Lyme Disease , and several other issues.  Jacob is said to be a toxic sponge.  He is neurotoxic.  He ticked most of the boxes for being on the autism spectrum, including Auditory Processing/Integration Disorder.

Before I begin, here’s a list of what we would do, if we could start all over again:


I would do the following for Jacob and save us a whole lot of time and headache.  I may or may not do these things in the order I listed.  But let me sum it up first:

We would get rid of the mercury and other heavy metals, heal the gut lining, kill the Lyme, parasites, yeast and stored up viruses, and any other bad bugs in there….all those bugs will reveal themselves more, as you begin to remove the metals, so watch out.  We would flush out the arsenic and continue to keep control of the yeast.  We would do the infantile (primitive) reflex exercises and put him through Hemispheric Integration Therapy, in our case through Brain Balance Achievement Center.  Here’s the details:

1st – I would still go to the DAN doctor.  (Autism doctor)

2nd – Put him on a low phenol diet and give him the pill “No-Fenol” each day, until we got things under control.

3rd – Test him for heavy metals through

4th – Find our Lyme doctor, who pretty much follows Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt’s protocol

5th – Test him for Lyme Disease through

6th- Somewhere in there I would put him on a gluten and dairy free diet AFTER testing him for peptides, through, I think it was Great Plains Laboratory.

7th – Put him on a low oxalate diet

8th- Put him on Guifennisin and extra magnesium to flush out the oxalates and phosphates to stop the siezures.  And DISODIUM PHOSPHATE to replace the phosphorus, so his bones don’t get weak, IF you are going to use Guifennisin.  I don’t understand that logic or science, but it works.  The Guifennisin and the Disodium Phosphate need to be given apart from each other, such as one in the morning and the other at dinner.  He has hardly had any siezures, since we put him on the Guifennisin years ago.  Please never mix Aspirin with Guifennisin, and please never give children or teens aspirin anyway, EVEN the stuff that says Baby Aspirin.  It’s very dangerous.  They can develop Reye’s Syndrome.  I wouldn’t even take the chance.

9th – Flush out toxic metals – Put him on Cilantro by BioPure (10 drops per day) for two months, on and off for a week at a time, along with C.V.E. (Chlorella VULGARIS) from BioPure (2 caps per day for two months, on and off for a week at a time, along with Caprylic Acid and MCT Liquid the entire time and and continue those two past the detox.  Then after that two months put him on “MercOut”, which is DMPS or some other brand, doing one cap per day for a week on and a week off, for two months, along with R-Lipoic Acid the whole time, while on the MercOut, even during that week.  There may be other important supplements that would be best to combine with the MercOut.  YOU MUST GET THE TOXIC METALS OUT OF THE BODY, BEFORE USING A PRODUCT LIKE DMPS OR DMSA THAT VIRTUALLY CROSSES THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.  THE REASON WHY THAT IS, IS BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE HOLD OF THE METALS IN THE BODY WITH A PRODUCT, THEN GO INTO THE BRAIN WITH IT AND POSSIBLY LEAVE DEPOSITS OF WHAT WAS IN THE BODY INTO THE BRAIN.  GET IT OUT OF THE BODY FIRST, THEN TREAT THE BRAIN.  ONCE YOU BEGIN TO FLUSH OUT THE METALS, THE BUGS THAT WERE BEING HELD DOWN BY THE METALS WILL BEGIN TO SURFACE.  YOU MUST FIRST ONLY GET THE METALS OUT OF THE BODY, BEFORE USING A PRODUCT THAT WILL PASS THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER TO REMOVE THE METALS THERE.  OTHERWISE, YOU WILL END UP TAKING THE METALS FROM THE BODY AND POSSIBLY DEPOSTING THEM INTO THE BRAIN, RATHER THAN FLUSHING THEM ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE BODY.

10th – Put him on Essential GSH by Essential Nutraceuticals well after detoxing, maybe indefinately

11th – Put him on Young Living Essential Oils – Vetiver, Sacred Frankincense, Lemon, Pepermint, Brain Power, Cedarwood (Young Living because it’s completely pure and whole, and you cannot be allergic to it because of the way it’s processed.)  And any other of their oils that would be good for symptoms.

12th – Put him on two bottles of ParaComp to get rid of parasites and do a YEAST protocol.

13th – Begin the Reflex Exercises to inhibit infantile (primitive) reflexes

14th – Put him through Brain Balance Center, only after removing the metals and Lyme and other bugs.

15th – Test for any swelling spots on the brain – I can’t think of that neurological test that takes shadow-like pictures of the brain.  Maybe I’m thinking of Neurofeedback.  We haven’t done that one, but I know of someone who was surprised to find out their young ADHD daughter had swelled areas.  And the essential oils made it go down.

16th – Once the metals are out is when I would start him on Lyme treatment because the heavy metals tend to trap the Lyme, and it’s tough to get it all out, otherwise.

17th – I would also have put him on natural oils, like flaxseed, olive, coconut, avacado, etc. early on.

18th – Put him on alkaline foods early on.

19th – We may not have vaccinated at all.  If we did, it would have only been a couple of them and certainly would NOT have done the flu shot.

20th – Start him on probiotics and a natural gut lining healing immediately.

21th – Hymalayan Sea Salt protocol for a couple weeks for larger sized parasites.

22nd – Put him on organ /cleanse support several times, during treatments for short periods of time.

There are other wonderful methods out there that I think are great to combine with this, such as audio frequency therapy to kill the bugs, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Here is a repeat note from my “about me” to be sure you see it:

We have found that there is a plasticity to the brain, which means that the brain can continue to reorganize and even develop new neural pathways, no matter what age the patient is. 

And we have found that a staggering number of children with developmental delays also have Lyme Disease. This disease is tough to test, but can be diagnosed accurately through iGeneX.

Autism and the like mostly reflect a right brain delay.  Some other delays may reveal a left brain delay.

For starters I’ll tell you what has truly been healing Jacob, then I’ll get into the different methods we used along the way.  Everything we did made an impact.  And everyone involved in all of his therapies, including nutritional therapies, put a lot of time and effort into his treatments.  We are forever grateful.

Therapy through the Brain Balance Achievement Center and metabolic imbalance treatments (through the center and through his Defeat Autism Now doctor and nutritionist) are what brought about his recovery from Autism. 

Neurotoxic therapy using Dr. Klinghardt’s Lyme Protocol for the metal detox and to heal him of the Lyme Disease were the other main things we did to help him along in his recovery.  These things along with a lot of prayer!  Please also see my Lyme and mercury page.

When we realized there was something seriously wrong with Jacob, we hit the ground running.  We clung to any hope we were given and started trying many of the methods out there for sensory issues, gut issues, food allergies and speech problems.  That’s all we knew he was struggling with at the time.  One thing that really helped was that we began the process to heal his gut right off the bat.  We jumped into balancing out his metabolic system with supplements and oils, got him on a low-oxalate diet, then got rid of a little of the mercury and other toxic metals.  The best method we used to do this was with Oxidative Stress Relief (OSR) created by Dr. Boyd Haley.  We did this through the wisdom of our DAN! doctor and his assisting Nutritionist.  Then we put him through six months of Hemispheric Integration Therapy with the Brain Balance Achievement Center, while doing several required exercises with him at home each day.  And most importantly we prayed and invited other loved ones to pray alongside us in this, while trusting that Jesus would heal him.

Please note:  When you’re flushing out toxic metals, you must get it out of the blood or tissue before you use products that will flush it out of the brain.  I can’t remember if it needs to be flushed out of the blood or out of the tissue first or if that can be done at the same time.  And you must have several metal binding agents already on board, before you start, so that they don’t just land somewhere else in your body.  Please see my Lyme and Mercury page for details.

As of today, September 2011, he is still struggling with a few lingering issues, but it is said that for six months to a year his brain will continue to change and develop at a fast rate, so it is expected for some autistic tell-tales to remain.  For instance, Jacob still has slow speech, and his voice gets very high pitch at times.   He has focus issues that are quite exaggerated, even for a young boy, his fine motor skills are not quite up to par, and he still has a need to touch things and people in order to feel his surroundings.  We knew when he graduated from the program that he still needed a bit more work on his fine motor skills.  And his Primitive (or Infantile) reflexes were still lingering, which is still slightly delaying his development.  We continue to work on these exercises at home to get rid of the reflexes.  We are taking at least the next several months retraining him on various skills, such as social nuances, etc.  He has missed a large portion of the lessons that we taught him along the way because his development just didn’t allow him to process things correctly or even retain bits of information.  He used to have a poor short term memory, but it’s now quite good.  You might say that in some areas he is starting all over again.  However, there were some areas of his development that were just fine before, therefore, it’s tough for it to really sink in that we have so much to teach him.

Before going through Brain Balance, he had done Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies.  We had just begun Behavioral Therapy when we heard about Brain Balance, so we cut that short.  These therapies were great and helped a lot.  We did see improvements in Jacob while he did the OT, PT and ST, but after getting some of the metals out and balancing out his metabolics as much as we could through his DAN! doctor and nutritionist, he was still Autistic.  Then Hemispheric Integration Therapy touched the core of his problems and balanced both sides of his brain.  The changes are expected to be permanent.


Even though every child is different, there are some things that tend to be the same.  Metabolically, many of these kids don’t have enough intestinal flora.  If that is the case with your child, then one of the ways to help with that is through probiotics.

Incidentally, anytime you take antibiotics, you should also be taking probiotics.  However, please don’t take them at the same time.  Some say spread them apart two hours, some say wait four hours.  Most probiotics have to be refrigerated.  If you get the powdered form, please don’t get it wet.  Moisture kills this good bacteria.  And putting your finger in it can do the same thing because your finger has oils that will get it wet.

We use Pro-Thera Complete Powder and Pearls IC.  You can take these anytime.  But with many others they say to only take them on an empty stomach or they won’t work.  The Pro-Thera needs to be refrigerated, but the Pears IC do not.  (Although, I would think that if you live in a really hot climate, you might also want to keep them cold.  I’m not sure.)

If a blood test reveals that your child has a low “glutathione level”, you must supplement it.  Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant because it exists within the cells.  It helps the body rid itself of toxic metals, free radicals which cause diseases, such as cancer, and it also helps the skin.  As we get older, our glutathione level tends to lower.  But if your child starts off with a low glutathione level, he or she can be in trouble.  This just adds to an inability to process much needed immunizations and all the other things that we are exposed to every day.  Once you have a chronic illness, the illness can also keep your glutathione level down.  It becomes an unending circle.

There are a few ways that you can take glutathione.  The capsules didn’t work for Jacob.  We knew because we had a blood test done a couple more times to confirm it.  Then sometime after he got off the OSR, which did raise his gultathione level, we began using Oxicell, which is glutathione cream, along with the capsule we had previously been using.

B12 has helped Jacob tremendously in several areas.  He began getting the shots a couple years before he started the Brain Balance program.  Actually, Jacob and I both get B12 shots.  We can’t methylate various nutrients, including this vitamin.  It just builds up in the blood stream, rather than being absorbed.  So we have to take it in the injection form that has already been methylated for us.

Jacob had eczema until he was two and a half.  The steroid cream that his doctor gave him did not work.  His eczema went away very shortly after his first visit with his DAN! doctor, who is a metabolic expert.  He said that Jacob needed essential oils.  We gave him essential oils, such as flax seed oil, cod liver oil and fish oil.  It took less than a week to clear it up.  Fish oils have DHA and EPA in them, which are great for ADD.  By the way, please do not heat up flax seed oil.  It cannot sizzle, or it will ferment.  We didn’t know this for quite some time.  These oils are always good, but it may not be what will clear up your child’s eczema, if he or she has it.  I would suggest talking with a naturopathic doctor or a nutritionist.

Incidentally, if you’ll be taking minerals, you won’t want to take oils at the same time.  When you mix minerals and oils, it makes soap.  Needless to say, these supplements won’t absorb properly, if you do.

If you are not going through a Brain Balance Center, or you plan to wait, you might want to check with your naturopathic doctor to test for a vitamin K deficiency.  If there is a deficiency, you need to supplement it, and know that this deficiency can mean that the outer layer of the cells is damaged.  The gate that lets calcium in and out of the cells doesn’t open correctly, causing all sorts of brain development issues and can lead to early Osteoporosis.

The best form of vitamin K is vitamin K2.  It’s an oil, and we got Jacob’s through Thorne Research.  Some suggest taking one drop a day and some say several.  In Jacob’s case he could ONLY HANDLE ONE DROP.  He needed it, but not more than a drop.  It’s powerful stuff.

Also note that cod liver oil has vitamin A and vitamin D in it.  So have your child’s blood level tested for any deficiencies of these first, if you are not yet going through Brain Balance or if you plan to do the therapy on your own using the Disconnected Kids book for Dr. Melillo’s Brain Balance Program.

Your child will need to get the blood and urine tests done for gluten and dairy, before removing them from the diet.  Otherwise, the tests will not provide you with accurate results.  So if you intend on seeing a doctor about these allergies before or instead of going through Brain Balance, but cannot get in for quite sometime, it would be best to get the tests done as soon as possible, so that you can remove the foods from your child’s diet.  So please call your doctor’s office to discuss this issue in the interim.  Here are the websites regarding the blood test and the urine test that should be done for gluten and dairy.  The second one covers other food allergens.  Brain Balance uses a different company for the blood test, so if you plan on going through the program, you’ll want to wait for their direction:



The Peptide test will show you whether or not the gluten and/or dairy are causing a morphine/opium effect on the brain.  You get the exact same reaction in the brain to the peptides as would happen when taking morphine.  Not to mention that morphine can cause a bronchoconstriction or bronchospasm, which can further complicate things for an already asthmatic patient.

As of date, which is September 2011, Brain Balance doesn’t do the urine test for peptides.  I highly recommend getting it done.  You may find that your kiddo doesn’t have an allergy to these foods, but does have an issue with the peptides.  It can explain a lot about your child.  One day after removing dairy from Jacob’s diet, when he was almost two and a half, he said the word “screwdriver”.  I was shocked!  His speech had become so limited.  Then two days after taking him off gluten, he used a paper airplane and made it move up and down like a bird.  He had never used his imagination like that before.

A nutritionist told me that it has been found that wheat breaks up into multiple proteins; therefore, the blood tests don’t cover all the possible allergies to wheat.

Please check with your doctor or nutritionist regarding testing for the above issues.  The results can help before you begin the Brain Balance program, or if you intend on getting the Disconnected Kids book and doing the program on your own.  Otherwise, the nutritionist at Brain Balance is well versed in the metabolics and allergies of these children, so he or she will give you wise counsel and set up a supplement plan for you.

Please note that this is not medical advice.  I am not a medical professional; I am just a mom trying to help.


After doing a urine test called Organic Acid Test (OAT) through Great Plains Laboratory to see whether or not the oxalate level is high (and many other imbalances), then getting on a low-oxalate diet before you begin the program would be wise too; it was key in helping Jacob along the way for years.

Here is a great low-oxalate website for you to check out.

If you will be cutting back on a lot of foods, there can be a lack of fats in your child’s diet.  They must have fats, but only healthy fats.  Although they contain good fats, Jacob can’t have nuts because they are high in oxalates.  However, avocados are great!  I just smash it up and season it with onion powder and salt and have Jacob dip his rice crackers in it.  He loves it!

We cook chicken in coconut oil, which is another great fat.  It also helps with yeast overgrowth.  When buying coconut oil, if you’re planning to cook with it, make sure it says it’s for high heat.

We buy either fresh organic or frozen vegetables.  The ones we heat are drenched in coconut oil and some salt.  Don’t cut back on the salt, unless blood work proves you need to.

Jacob loves his muffins with warm chopped strawberries on them.  He used to have to take a “No-Fenol” pill, before he could eat the strawberries, but that is no longer necessary.  I make gluten free muffins with no sugar added.  The oil we use in it is olive oil; another great fat.  (Don’t let it sizzle either.)  Before we found that Jacob was allergic to eggs, we use to put pre-boiled and ground up chicken in the batter.  It baked great, and you couldn’t really taste or see the chicken in the muffins.  This was great because his oral issues made it difficult for him to like meat, and he choked easily until he was three.  Now that we use Egg Replacer, I haven’t tried adding chicken to the muffins.  I think they would be too dry.  PLEASE NOTE that muffin mix is very processed, so consider baking from scratch using ingredients that have not been bleached.

We buy rice that was grown in Texas or California and not overseas because the rice from China has a lot of arsenic in it.  Yet, I haven’t done enough research on this to know if we were directed to the right brands.  Also, be careful about rice syrup, it may contain alarming amounts.  We put flax seed oil over our rice, after it’s cooked.  Jacob got used to it and craves it now.

The only rice pasta that I think Jacob can have and that doesn’t upset his stomachs is Tinkyada Pasta Joy Ready Brown Rice Pasta.  They have various shapes.  We try to buy the organic bags.  And DeBoles Gluten Free Rice Spaghetti Style Pasta in a box.  Once they are cooked, we also add flax seed oil to it.  These can be found at Walmart and other regular grocery stores.  However, a health food store may be the only place that will carry the organic style Tinkyada pasta.

Incidentally, flax seed oil is said to keep some kiddos awake if given too close to bedtime, so be aware.  You might have a wired little one running around, when you’re desperate to get him or her into bed.

Phenols can be another item that causes some sleep problems, among other awful symptoms.  They are a very common issue with these kiddos.  Please see my Helpful Websites page.

When constipated:  If you haven’t heard of the BRAT diet, it stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.  These foods can cause constipation.  My mother-in-law taught me this.  It was true for Jacob, yet I’ve heard that applesauce gives some people the opposite effect.


Thank you for reading!  I hope this was helpful.

This is an evolving site.  If you choose to save this page or site as a PDF file, and plan to pass on the information, please pass on the web address, rather than forwarding the file.  And please do pass it on.  We need to spread the word.  Thank you so much.

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