Recovering from Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Academic Learning Blocks, Developmental Delays, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Mitochondrial Disease
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So what did go wrong?  How is it that there can seem to be so many causes of Autism?  This is what I’ve learned over the years.  First of all, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as Asperger’s, Sensory Integration Disorder and such, are a Right Brain Delay.  Just as Academic Delays are a left brain delay.  Although, when both sides aren’t communicating well, it causes all sorts of symptoms and struggles, and there can also be delays on both sides.  Note:  ADHD is a right brain delay.  ADD is a left brain delay.  (You stimulate the weak side of the brain in its weak areas in a compiled session, for lack of a better word.  And do this three times per week, until those weak areas are no longer below age level.)

As far as the cause, this is from my personal experience and all the years of research I’ve put into this.  There are various things that can happen to an unborn baby, a new born and a small child that can damage their system, whether it be their metabolic, immune, or nervous system or their brain development, or lack thereof.  Some children are born with genetic mutations, Lyme Disease or its co-infections, malabsorption or low glutathione or some other issue that makes them susceptible to the damage that our environment can cause.  But all these issues originate from one factor:  Mercury toxicity.  This toxicity has been proven by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and he is spending his life researching and spreading the word.  Jacob’s DNA/genetics test showed that he struggles with flushing out toxins.

After being exposed to mercury, then when something goes wrong from the beginning, for instance, if its origin is in the metabolic system, the body isn’t prepared to process the nutrients it receives and cannot properly flush out the toxins that it is exposed to.  The result is a downward spiral.  We’re all exposed to toxins all day long.  Even the good ingredients in our food is processed in our bodies and part of it becomes toxic to us, if we don’t flush it out quickly enough, once it’s been used.  When we can’t absorb the nutrients sufficiently, the brain suffers.  This can cause the brain to miss a step needed in its growing process because it didn’t get the stimulation it required.  Eventually, both sides of the brain become out of balance and delayed, or immature, in various areas.  An immature brain equals an immature gut, and it becomes a vicious circle.  Soon the brain has missed several very important milestones that it needed to reach the next levels of development.  One side, or hemisphere, of the brain becomes delayed and the both sides are no longer at equal development.

We can say that “God made my child this way” and leave it at that and not do enough to fix the problem.  Or we can choose to see that the Lord created every baby to require nurturing and teaching.  Some parents just have a bigger challenge than others.  My mom said this to me recently.  But either way, it is Not God’s will for anyone to suffer.  By His stripes, we were healed.  1 Peter 2:24

All this creates a low immune system.  So viruses, parasites and bacteria (microbes) end up staying in the body, overloading the immune system and causing a downward spiral effect.

This is what we believe happened to Jacob.  I Had mercury toxicity and I Had Lyme Disease, which I didn’t know about at the time Jacob was born.  I had flu shots before Jacob came along, which had mercury in them.  And my mom used to play with mercury as a child because you could buy it in the stores.  Mercury and Lyme Disease were unknowingly passed on to Jacob in utero, so his immune system was compromised right off the bat.  I also had Group B Strep and was advised to be on antibiotics during labor.  This is understandable because some babies have died after passing through the birth canal that was infected with the Strep.  It probably didn’t help Jacob’s nervous system that he was born about three weeks early, although he wasn’t considered premature.  Then my labor was induced with pitocin, which at the time our hospital used the form that had Thimerosal in it.  Mercury makes up about half of Thimerosal.  Antibiotics cause yeast if probiotics are not also taken (separately, however) and something else to fight off the yeast overgrowth.  When you have yeast in your gut, your liver produces oxalates to take care of it.  One of the jobs of oxalates is to flush out toxic metals.  But the body can become overloaded with oxalates, and Jacob wasn’t able to flush them out, once they did their job grabbing the mercury.  So it seems that this additional mercury was shot all over his body from the get go.

Then soon after we took him home from the hospital, the Pediatricians office put me on Reglan to help with my milk supply.  Unfortunately, I developed an adverse side effect to it, not realizing that it was the medication doing it.  I had problems with my nervous system that may have been tardive dyskinesia.  (This can mimic tourettes.) It took me a couple days to figure out that it was the medication causing my symptoms because I had a traumatic labor.  I also Had fibromyalgia.  I assumed there was some damage that had occurred in my muscles during labor that was simply getting worse over time.  Yet, indeed, it was the Reglan causing my horrible tourettes type muscle spasms.  The Reglan, like most other drugs, can cross over to the milk and cause problems for the nursing baby, including neurological damage.  Plus, a traumatic labor is not only traumatic to the mother, it’s also hard on the baby.  I also had pre-eclampsia and was given high doses of magnesium for it that probably didn’t help the situation, as I had a reaction to it because the amount was too much for me.  I had double vision for 18 hours, until they cut my dosage in half for the next 18 hours.

There is question as to whether or not I never developed immunities to Rubella, which may have affected Jacob.

These are some, but not all of what I believe caused Jacob’s Autism, which he no longer has.

Please remember, if your child has Autism, it is not your fault.  And it is a right brain delay, which can be improved greatly or even reversed completely.

Early on Jacob had a few small behaviors that were disconcerting to a few of us, but his Pediatricians’ Assistant wasn’t concerned.  His speech was above average at one year.  Then at a year and three weeks old he had his immunizations, which consisted of six vaccines in four injections.  Shortly afterward he lost his words and began constantly bumping into walls.  He then didn’t say a real word for two months.  Over time we were unknowingly giving him foods he was allergic to, which just added to his immune system problems.

Incidentally, I’m not against immunizations; I’m actually an advocate of them……some of them.  I just think we give out too many.  And some people, especially newborns and babies, cannot handle them.  I also think they should be administered one at a time with several months in between injections.  And parents need to ask their Pediatritians for the immunization “insert” and make sure that the type they are using does not contain Thimerisol.  In 2008 some clinics in America still used immunizations with Thimerisol.  My daughter told her son’s doctor that she didn’t want him to have one of his shots, unless they had the kind that was Thimerisol free.  They said they did not have it.  So she left without giving her son the shot.

Please note that acetaminophen is known to lower glutathione levels.  Sometimes we give our kiddos acetaminophen when they get their shots to help with the pain and fever.  The problem with that is we are depleting their glutathione, when they need it to flush out the toxic portion of the immunization and to remove the mercury from the flu shot and whatever else it may be in.

A lot of children have issues with oxalates.  Our liver makes them, and they can be found in foods.  Oxalates protect plants from insects.  However, Jacob cannot flush them out well, which has always caused him foot pain on the tops of his feet, among other problems, such as more autistic like behavior, stress, or he shuts down and doesn’t talk or he says his whole body bothers him.  Pain in the top of the foot is apparently rare, but there are some kids/adults with this problem.  This coincides with his issue of not being able to methylate, but I’m not sure if they are one in the same.  Holding onto oxalates can cause all sorts of metabolic/health problems, including metal toxicity because the oxalates crystallize and develop prongs on them, when left in the body too long.  So when they attach to the metals, they take it with them as they find a place in the tissue to settle.  The prongs cause them to become attached to the tissue with a tight grip.

Jacob’s doctor has him on Magnesium for various reasons.  This keeps his foot from hurting, especially if he eats foods containing higher oxalates.

Again, everyone has their own story of what caused their child to be on the Autism Spectrum or to have developmental delays.  Every child’s body is different, just like every symptom of these developmental delays is different.  My hope and prayer is that you can stop the things that may be adding to the problem and move forward in the healing process for your child and ultimately reach a more peaceful home life and have hope that your child will grow up to have a normal life with no delays.

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