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Metal Toxicity, Oxidative Stress Relief and Glutathione
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There are various ways to become metal toxic, and there are several products out there that can help to flush out those metals.  A lot of Autistic children have mercury toxicity, among other metals.  Unfortunately, some of the reason why these kiddos are holding onto the mercury is because their metabolic system is out of balance, they don’t have enough Glutathione and or they are overloaded with oxalates.

One of the ways that our bodies flush out metals and other impurities is by our glutathione.  Glutathione (not to be confused with Glutamine) is an extremely important antioxidant made by our own bodies.  It is used in detoxifying many substances, such as automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, pollutants, and many cancer causing agents.  It’s also needed to support the Mitochondria, which is where the energy in our cells is derived from.  If there is not enough glutathione, then one can get Mitochondrial Disease.  It’s needed to help keep our skin young, and aids in slowing the aging process.  As we grow older, our glutathione level goes down.  But if we start off as a young child with a low glutathione level, then we can really be in trouble.  One thing about glutatione is that if we have a low level of it, we can become ill easier.  Having a chronic illness can also lower its level, creating an endless loop.


Some of the chelators out there are great.  However, if your child is unable to flush out these metals, often times the chelators cause the metals to simply be moved from one place to another.  And if the child has an issue with not being able to flush out oxalates in a timely manner, then the oxalates will become crystallized, developing tiny prongs on them, and will, while holding onto the mercury, grab onto the tissue, trapping the mercury inside.  Then the chelators will have an even tougher time doing their job.

So, the common chelators out there can do wonders for some people.  In my son’s case they simply moved the metals around.  Once he would get off of the chelators, he would go right back into some obvious metal toxic behaviors.  Yet, there was a product out there, and will hopefully be back on the market as a prescription drug in 2013, called Oxidative Stress Relief or OSR, as it is called.  OSR is a toxicity free, lipid soluble, antioxidant dietary supplement that helps maintain a healthy glutathione level.

I am not an expert on chelating metals, but I do know that it is best to go through a doctor for serious toxicity.  One should never use a chelator that will cross the blood brain barrier into the brain, before completely chelating the metals out of the body first.  Otherwise, the chelator will take the metals/mercury from the body with it into the brain and deposit some of it there.  Severe dangers can occur.

Jacob finally began truly flushing out the mercury and other metals after being on the OSR and showed amazing improvements after that.  Since he no longer needs OSR for the mercury, and it is not available at the moment, we use Oxicell Cream by Apex Energetics and a glutathione capsule by Blue Bonnet to maintain his level.  After we feel that his brain has completed its developmental changes brought on by the Hemispheric Integration Therapy, we will be checking his glutathione level again to see if he’s able to maintain a healthy level on his own without supplementation.

OSR was created through CTI Science by Dr. Boyd E. Haley, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky.  I recently had the privilege of chatting with him a couple times on email about OSR and when it was going to be available again for people who need it.   It was on the market as a supplement for two years.  Dr. Haley is hopeful that it will be back on the market.  The FDA holds a standard that if a supplement is being used to generate positive effects in certain illnesses, then it must be considered a drug.  Hmm.  The FDA’s view of OSR was that it was a drug and therefore, cannot be on the market as a supplement.  They held this position, even though the product only consisted of two natural metabolites coupled together.  And it did not have a single significant side effect and the FDA did not receive any reports of adverse effects.  So we wait and we pray.

January 2013 – I found out that Guaifenesen not only flushes out phosphates, but it also flushes out OXALATES!  But you MUST take Disodium Phosphate later that day, if you have taken guaifenesen.  Because the guaifenesen also flushes out the phosphorus in the bones, which is also not a good thing.  So please be diligent.


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